Add beauty to outdoor sitting areas, and cast artistic shadows as the natural light moves throughout the day.


A unique and distinct way to provide cladding to a space. Provide protection from the elements while also adding to the architectural aesthetics.


Create an imaginative alternative to curtains in windows. Use them to hide private areas in your home.


Add to the beauty of a railing fixture by installing a unique Artisan Panel as an insert.


Use these unique panels as a privacy screen in a room, or as a unique way to fence an outdoor space.

Custom perforated panels by Artisan Panels can be used in multiple ways in and around your home. Pick screens in a range of colors and designs, including designs inspired by nature, cultural influences, and geometric patterns. We can also work with your personal visions and decorative taste to make a custom piece that fits your needs and location. Our residential metal wall panels can fit a variety of needs, from sectioning areas and outdoor looks to interior wall art. At Artisan Panels, we offer shipping to locations worldwide.

Canopy Screens

Canopy screens offer shade to outdoor sitting areas. They also create dynamic and shifting shadows as the light moves throughout the day. Canopy screens make areas stand out and add value to your home.

Wall Cladding

Our home exterior wall cladding panels protect your home in an attractive, unique way. These panels are designed to withstand weather elements such as rain, heat, and cold. Our cladding also helps to redirect water away from your building, keeping your structures protected against damage. These panels make your home unique and more suited for your area, climate, and style.

Window Screens

Use our custom metal window panels to make your home more private. Window screens also create shade in a more permanent way than curtains do. Our window screens provide imaginative shadow and light patterns throughout the day.

Handrail Screens

Our panels can be inserted into railings on stairs or balconies to make a plain railing more beautiful and individual. The panels also make the railings easier to spot, which can keep pets, children, and others from falling through the railing. These panels work for railings indoors as well as outdoors.

Privacy Screens

Our privacy screens are an artistic way to section off outdoor and indoor areas. These screens are also useful as a substitute for more traditional fences between property or to enclose machinery and other items.


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