Section off interior and exterior spaces. Hide areas that require privacy and create sectioned areas in a room or building.


Add to the beauty of a railing fixture by installing a unique Artisan Panel as an insert.


Create an imaginative alternative to curtains in windows. Use them to hide private areas in your home or business.


A unique and distinct way to provide cladding to a building or space. Provide protection from the elements while also adding to the architectural aesthetics.


Add beauty to outdoor sitting areas, and cast artistic shadows as the natural light move throughout the day.

Custom perforated panels made by Artisan Panels can be used in a variety of ways and in a multitude of spaces for your commercial property. Custom perforated metal panels give your business a look that is all yours and fits your needs. Our commercial wall cladding is available with looks inspired by nature, geometric designs, and exciting patterns. We can work with customers to create something tailor-made to their specifications. Our products are available in a variety of finishes and shades to complement your style, hold up to heavy use, and fit into your surroundings. Artisan Panels also ships our products worldwide.

Wall Cladding

Protect your building against the elements with decorative exterior wall panels. These panels are made to withstand a wide range of weather conditions while protecting your building from wind, water flow, and excessive sound. Commercial wall cladding also redirects water from rain and other weather to flow away from your building, keeping your structure safe from further damage. Our panels make your building unique and particular to your style and location.

Window Screens

A more permanent and elaborate alternative to curtains, our panels create shade and reduce glare. The perforated designs create dynamic and attractive light patterns to add a unique look to your space. Our window screens also hide private areas in your business.


Our screens can serve as additional decoration and support to your handrails and other railing structures. These beautiful inserts feature individualized designs that create a personalized look.

Privacy Screens

These screens separate spaces indoors and out, allowing you to create distinct spaces that fit your needs. Privacy screens can also be used to section off dangerous areas and create a pleasant environment both indoors and outdoors.

Wall Canopies

Wall canopies create air flow and interactive light and shadow patterns that change throughout the day. Our panels and canopies combine the looks of your building and nature to create a unified theme for your area. Canopies create a space that stands out.


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