Canopy Screen

Artisan Panels can be installed over an outdoor space to create a quiet, shaded area. Our various perforated designs add beauty to outdoor sitting areas, and cast artistic shadows as the natural light moves throughout the day. Our panels are durable, all-weather pieces that are installed using Artisan Panels custom materials.

Window Screen

Artisan Panels provide an imaginative alternative to curtains in windows. Our unique panels can be used to hide private areas in your home or business. The customized panels provide both form and function, as they enhance the beauty of a space while providing privacy. Window screens are installed with Artisan Panels custom materials and can be tailored to match the unique needs of your space.

Privacy Screen

Artisan Panels provide unique ways to section off interior and exterior spaces, hide areas that require privacy, and create sectioned areas in a room or building. Use the unique panels as a privacy screen in a room, or as a unique way to fence an outdoor space. Our panel designs can be modified to suit the distinctive needs of a space while enhancing the architectural beauty of a home or commercial building. Artisan Panels are made to endure indoor and outdoor environments.

Hand Rail Screen

Add to the beauty of a railing fixture by installing a unique Artisan Panel as an insert. The unique panels create enhanced safety and security, while enriching the surrounding architecture. Panels are customizable and designs can complement the existing style of a space. The panels are made to endure all weather, heavy traffic areas, and our team can guide you via our custom installation process.

Wall Cladding

Artisan Panels provide a unique and distinct way to provide cladding to a building or space. Our panels provide protection from the elements while also adding to the architectural aesthetics. Choose from one of our unique designs or customize your own to create an artistic outer layer that can act as a fa├žade for a dreary surface and enhance your brand through design.

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